Friday, December 19, 2008

Purple Wings

The angel walked among the ranks of the lower
Angels. Who were bowled over like bettles
Prostrate in holy revarance and fear
Outstretching her hand a butterfly
Sprung to life
Radiant with purple wings.
It flys up above
Melts in the light that comes from
The throunroom of God, that tower above
The starrey firmament

Higher flys the little thing
Up above on angel’s wings
Fluttering things
Angel’s wings.
The light grows more intense
The higher it climbs
It feels its purple wings
Turning to the color of light
Bursting bright
High flight
Below the feet of God it touches
He feels its flutter
Before it bursts into flames
Scattering the dust of butterfly wings
Sprinking, twinkling in the glow
Falling down like glowing snow

The angels feel the brush of snow
Upon their bowed closed wings
Chance to look though none
Fearing the Archangel who walks among
Them. Curious this occurrence
As none had seen before
In the astral plains of Chaos
A kind of holy snow
Or rain or sleet or hail
A buzzing a disturbance of the air
Fills the sky

The angel unfold his wings
Fly up above the rest
And call them to rise
Eyes darting about at the unimaginable
Vision. The sky filled with innumerable creatures
Of purple wings
Thick as a locust storm to pass thru Egypt
They swarm in the air
There beauty captivating to the eye
but making it hard for the angels to breath, hear, or see
"This is the kingdoms of men" says the Arch Angel, who is Gabriel
"Numerous as these butterflys,
With purple wings of royalty
Riches wealth
They fly up but are burnt
because they get to close to God"
The angels bow to there master
He snaps his fingers the butterflys disappear
"Take not for granted the lesson of the purple wings,
but learn from them" he says, calling the army to the air
"We go now to battle Satan, for the fate of man"
Radiant there wings as they take to the air
Darting like a swarm of locust downward
At the speed of light
Go to fight the force of darkness, night

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