Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Prelude to Channeling Spirits in Winter, 1948

The girl in dappled sunlight---
Her dress, blue and white flower pattern---
Hops in a half-circle
Hair tossing in the wind
The elderly man and his daughter passing by the way
Spy the Yuccaliptis tree hanging ancient
Over her, and her---
Youth and wisdom so seldom contrast,he remarks
Thinking a tree=old, wise
He, like the tree only a spirit,
In a body
Growing old, wise in time to fly to other realms
Astral projection is beauty, age, wisdom combined with

Monday, December 29, 2008

Ebonnezzer Stone

The stone came from Germany
where it was used by physics
in the 2 World War
to channel spirits
in there war against the allys

It had been recovered, first, long before this
by archiologists lost in the pyramids
down a damp old shaft full of spiders
and the dust of a thousend years of solitude
thinking there end had come, taking out there canteen
to take a cyanide pill the water spilled
washing away a tiney crypt which shot blazing
knifes of light into there eyes
causing one to go blind,and die

The other, Spenser was his name,
use a hammer to brake open the crypt
and found the Ebonnezzer Stone
wrapped in a cloth
hot to the touch
when he try to lift it his skin boiled and caught fire
he put it out in sand
the rumblings grow louder
as the shaft brakes apart and all the bricks start to crash down on him
he thinks hes done for says a prayer before the darkness comes

He awaks thinking it a dream, for hes in a canal below the sphynx water
rushing over him
And there in his bag is the Ebonnezzer Stone, its case (the one he broken)
still in tact, he sees now for the first time the inscription of a demon
on its case "wow thats not egyptian" he remarks

When he gets back to his Jeep, no one is there he starts driving, shacking his head
at whats happened
in three days hes dead, the Ebonnezzer Stone disappeared
The Germans have it now, the war rages on

After the war it is brought to America by a antiques collector,
He thinks its German, he sells it to a little old lady wearing a purple hat
who is a spiritist, who channels spirits and knows what the stone is for her guide
told her. She puts it away, never touches it because she knows its power
"its not for now, its for the end times" she will never touch it, mention it to anyone,

As a little girl I used to visit my aunt's home, I knew of the Ebonnezzer Stone in her attic
even though she never mentioned it, it was so powerful I could feel its presence,
so one day when she was at the market I pretended to be sick so I could stay,
I went rummiging in her attic till I found it, it was in a box underneath a old dusty bookshelf.
Just as I begin to open it, rays of light shot through the room, leaving black burn marks on the walls where it hit
Just then a commotion down below, the door slams open I hear footsteps on the stairs,
My aunt screaming my name, she finds me a blood curdling scream as she falls on her knees,
"You dont touch that" she cries "You not suppose to find that" she says, then she takes me down stairs and begin to tell the story
When its finished Im scared, she says sorry but you had to know, when I die the Ebonnezzer Stone is yours, you are the chosen, you must never look upon it, never tell anyone about it

I have the Ebonnezzer Stone, I learned to use its powers in a sence, I never use the powers for evil only for good. The stone protects my home, once a burglar tried to come in but he immediatly turned to ash which I swept up the next day.

The Stone can be used to channel spirits, some of the most powerful spirits have come into my home. They can never believe I have the stone, they look upon me with scornful eyes
Some scoff or shoot a fireball out there nose in distaste
But they cannot harm me, for the stone protects me.
I have become the Stone's protector, it lets no one near it but me

The Stone comes from a wall of Pandamonium,
it has demonic powers but can be used for good,
if I told how it works I could be jeapordising the future of
mankind. So I wont, but I might tell of how its used in
channeling in the future

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Mark

All her life she was aware of the
Monstrosity. It crept in her shadows
And hid under her bed at nite
She could hear it tapping on her headboard
Scratching in the walls
Feel its icy disaproval
Whenever she put a Christian music cd in her stereo

Whenever something bad happened
If she was walking home from school and happen to see an
Accident. She became aware of this Monstrosity
Awaking in her book bag, becoming warm and alive
Against her body, she could never remove it
Everywhere she went this Monstrosity
Went also. As she grew older, started to go to Catholic School
This Monstrosity began to hide deeper in her,
In hopes that the Nuns wouldn’t find out about it,
And do an exorcism

When she walked into cathedral
Light bulbs burst out above her
Fire erupt in a fointan of holy waters
The Nuns scold her, trouble always follow her
They say. But afraid she was to mention the
Monstrosity. In fear of what they do to her
They could scald her for being a witch
Even though she didn’t at the time know
She was one.

Time goes on she has trouble in school,
Has to be removed from school. The building
Has burned down because she kept going there
All the electrical wires burned out when she passed
The walls full of wires
So they shorted out finally and it burned down
But still no one knew of this
Monstrosity. Except for her

She became goth in high school, wore black cloths listened
To goth music and read book of spells and carry a widji board.
Everyone in the school knew she was a witch, she had a tato on her
Arm that said Im a Witch. She had no more troubles because she
Was now become the Monstrosity itself. She dated a goth
Who drove a herse and they would go make outt
Finally she got pregnant
And nine months pregnant goes to the doctor
She goes to deliver “we’ll do a c-section” the doctor advised
It took them longer then usual to cut her open
When the baby finally came the doctor screamed
She took it she screamed also
It had a mark on its forehead
And its eyes were like a demon
She felt down on her sides all over her body even her hair
For the first time the
Monstrosity was gone.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Purple Wings

The angel walked among the ranks of the lower
Angels. Who were bowled over like bettles
Prostrate in holy revarance and fear
Outstretching her hand a butterfly
Sprung to life
Radiant with purple wings.
It flys up above
Melts in the light that comes from
The throunroom of God, that tower above
The starrey firmament

Higher flys the little thing
Up above on angel’s wings
Fluttering things
Angel’s wings.
The light grows more intense
The higher it climbs
It feels its purple wings
Turning to the color of light
Bursting bright
High flight
Below the feet of God it touches
He feels its flutter
Before it bursts into flames
Scattering the dust of butterfly wings
Sprinking, twinkling in the glow
Falling down like glowing snow

The angels feel the brush of snow
Upon their bowed closed wings
Chance to look though none
Fearing the Archangel who walks among
Them. Curious this occurrence
As none had seen before
In the astral plains of Chaos
A kind of holy snow
Or rain or sleet or hail
A buzzing a disturbance of the air
Fills the sky

The angel unfold his wings
Fly up above the rest
And call them to rise
Eyes darting about at the unimaginable
Vision. The sky filled with innumerable creatures
Of purple wings
Thick as a locust storm to pass thru Egypt
They swarm in the air
There beauty captivating to the eye
but making it hard for the angels to breath, hear, or see
"This is the kingdoms of men" says the Arch Angel, who is Gabriel
"Numerous as these butterflys,
With purple wings of royalty
Riches wealth
They fly up but are burnt
because they get to close to God"
The angels bow to there master
He snaps his fingers the butterflys disappear
"Take not for granted the lesson of the purple wings,
but learn from them" he says, calling the army to the air
"We go now to battle Satan, for the fate of man"
Radiant there wings as they take to the air
Darting like a swarm of locust downward
At the speed of light
Go to fight the force of darkness, night

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


The woman shows up at the pastor’s
Office at noon
She knock he answer “hello, how do you do”
She ask can I please be let in
“Ok, ma’am please come in”

“I have troubles I am worried”
She starts, dabbing her eye with a hankerchif
“I have demonic troubles”
The pastor look at her with a concern face
He fold his hands lean forward on the desk
“What can I do for you, ma’am how can I help?”

She tells him a story which sends shock up and down his body
There are spirits in her home, at night they slam doors in her home
And through the refrigerater across the kitchen
She saw a demon take her beloved Bible
Given by her grandma
And through it in the waste basket

She is a nurse, she goes to help people in the day
Lately she saw her patients be torment
By the same spirit
She convinced it is a demon
After her patient 83 yrs old dies
After complaining of seeing a spriit
In a convolescant home

She tells pastor how sad she is
Crying night and day she worries of this spirit
It speak to her by her bedside
Saying she will be dead
As soon as spirit has chance to take her

Pastor concerned with his eyebrow sunk low
He fold his hand and look at her seriously
“take me to your home I am concerned there is a spirit”
He says, taking her hand in his
They plan a time when he can go to her home

The day arrives she hear a knock on her door
She opens it “Oh Pastor its you”
Pastor comes in he bows he take a Bible out of his coat
“We begin with a prayer”
He prays asks god help them find the spirit,
So they can exorsise the spirit
She lead him around her home pastor frowning picking up books
Trinkets everything she has he look at it with a frown
They go in her bedroom he stops startld he looks “what is this”
There by the bedside a arrowhead like from an Indian he looks at it
“it’s a artifact a patient gave to me” she says
“A Indian artifact it was a arrowhead use in a special ritual”
The pastors face tigthen he look at her with firey eyes
“Who gave you this artifact” he say with firey eyes
“It was a woman a Indian woman she gave it to me as a gift”
He pick it up he feel fire burning his fingers
“This is the artifact thats causing you demonic possesion” he says

The woman shreaks
She has held it in her hands to go to sleep
Thinking it give her special powers
“Your kidding” she says
Its all my fault
It’s the artifact causing me all this

The pastor takes the artifact in his hands
He prays over it, for a long while he hold it and pray
“Do you dream of this” he says
“yes” she answer
The pastor goes back to pray
Then all of sudden
He starts to scawl “YAAAAAAGHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!”
And turn around and round in circles
The woman start to be afraid

Finally the pastor stops
He look at the woman firmly
“You shouldn’t have allowed this artifact in your home”
Then he turns, walks to the door
The woman follows
“Woman” he says “I go to rid of this you should be grateful”

As he approaches the door she sees Satan come off his body
“You got away this time, but I will still get you”
He says, turning to a plume of fire
“Oh my god” she gasp, the preacher turns says “What?”
“You didn’t see, a demon came” she says

“Please take it away” she says
I see it in my dreams
A field open up with armies upon it
Pastor gulps, he is scared “This is a calling card for demons” he says
“I will go to burn this,brake it bury it” he says
“OK please go” says the woman
She watch the pastor go to his truck
He take a hammer out of it, smash the artifact to peaces
Then he go and drive away, the woman knows not where
But she is sure he will do away with it

Sunday, December 7, 2008


The castle of ice and stone
Glimmered at dawns light
The clouds parted a ray shot through
Lighted on a tiny perch on a battlment
Far above the rolling hills
Of Istlan.

A little batlike gorgon
Perched upon the battlement there
Unfold his wings that cover his eyes
At the coming of the light
Outstretch his wings and flew to the Tower
Where the princess slept
And settle in a little nook
And he sees
The pearl of the greatest price
Pale neck of the princess
Sleeping so peaceful there

All the armies in Istlan cannot get to her
All the knights in there dreams
Go to that place and be there
But impossible to woo her she is so well protected
This little demon
By creeping the cracks of a wall
The kingdom at his disposal
His princess to him one and all

A cackle of glee, wets his lips
His little spiky teeth
Bares and grits
He flungs down upon the bed
Wings clumsy to the fall
The princess startles shreiks
The gorgon lunges at her pale flesh
Of her neck
Draws blood which he begins to sop up
Like a hungry newborn

The princess swat at him
And scream
A terror rising in her innocent breasts
The Knights appear
Respond to her crys
Arthur draws his sword
Gawan draws his also
But this tiny little gorgon
To small to chop in two
Is stuck upon the princess neck
Drinking of the royal cup
No one there can stop him
They might hit the princess if they try

“Part” says Gawan, gaudy knight
He drops his sword and lunges at the gorgon
And catch him in his hand
The gorgon wiggles loose
Flaps his wings up above them all
More guards pour in there all swatting
At the thin air
But the little gorgon find his crack
And wiggles through once more

Outside the tumult in the streets
The asalt on the royal throne
The commonors come out in droves
Clubs and sticks ready to go to war
But there asalliant is all but flown

He flaps his little black wings
And higher to the air he rises
An arrow whiz past
Looks down below
At the humans he despises
In the castle of Istlan in the princess tower
The King’s men scramble to save her
All this done by a little demon
Unpopular in hell and out of favor
Now of renown he shall becomes
For Satan works in little ways as well as big ones…

I will continue in Istlan 2...

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Channeling 1

"Come," said the spirit, removing the decanter of sherry from the table and draw a glass of the ruby liquid.
"Drink, for you are thirsty. I am Bartemus, and I am a five thousand years old spirit. I will be your spirit guide, if only you will invite me in to the temple of your body."
I smiled, and took the glass from him, and began to sip.
"My current spirit guide is eight thousand years old, helped Homer write the Iliad and helped Jesus with his notes on the Sermon on the Mount which is why it turned out so good" I said with a playful smile.
The spirit frowned, a look of frustration over his eyes. "I want to enter you" he said.
"Dont they all" I interrupt.
"I will teach you the secrets of the pyramids and stone henge. I will teach you how the
world was made out of a little clay."
"I will allow you to enter me, but only long enough to teach those things," I retorted.
"When my own guide returns, he will overpower you and then you will get throun out."
The spirit spout fire from his mouth then hover up above me crossing his arms.
"You drive a hard bargain for an earthling" he said, twisting his lips an s.
"Then it is done" I said "I will draw a sence and you can enter me."
I prepared a sence with candels and a circle of a pentagram. I sat in lotus until he came to me.
A whoshing of wind came from outside and I thought my house would fall down, before Bartemus entered me...
Bartemus became my spirit guide for almost a year and taught me many things, by the time it was over I was sad to see him go.
"You are free" I told him when my stronger guide began to call to me. "Go"
Bartemus was not willing to go.
"You must go or there will be trouble" I warned him.
Finally Bartemus was removed from me in a struggle. He was cast back to hell by my regular guide. My regular guide (I wont name him for he to powerful for you to call his name) is with me now many years. But I still think of Bartemus...

Friday, December 5, 2008

Angel Wings

In the dream I stood
in a plain far below Heaven
a million stars lit the cloudy firmament
where I stood
And gazed upon that Kingdom
cast of gold, emeralds, and diamonds
The traffick of Angels
in and out the big gleaming gates
was a blur to the eye
Open, Shut, Open, Shut---in and out the angels flew
A red-coat emmisary of hell
still coverd in soot and smokey smell
Was stopped at the gates
Given a slap around by St. Peter's Legion
And then shoed away
In motion so fast it was like a fast-fowad on a t.v.
All day this went on
Many entered some turned away
Then I stopped to think
That if I could only fly
Id alite apon the gates of Heaven
hope to get in
just for a try.

I walked around the plain
Search of a vendor of wings
for I had none
but the stumpy arms
of the human who cannot fly
Only tread
like a fool below the palace of God
Then I turned
In a horrer or surprise
There stood Gabriel
A twinkle in his eye
A face so bright
armor gleaming gold
He held within his hands
Wings of a bright and livly color
Wings of white, glowing ivory
Fluffy pillow feathers all strung together
As if made by a master tailor

"Ask, and you shall receive,"
Said the Angel gleaming bright
His eyes spoke to me in ways
mortal words can never get right
"These Wings I give you,"
"Angel, for you today have become
one of us. Your services are needed
where mortals have gone astray.
The earth once God's pearl
has fallen astray.
You must be an emisarry
to the King.
Go now, you are empowerd to fly
to places unkown to men
To the seven realms of astral,
The many more you shall discover
To do battle with demons,
To speak with Angels
To deliver messages from Heaven
Go now, you have work to do,
Before you will be permitted into Heaven."

I smiled up into his eyes,
He looked upon me as a gentile sheaperd,
I bowed low he put the wings on
I flew up to Heaven,
I wanted to see it
Despite what Gabriel had said
St. Peter held out his hand and looked at me sternly
At the gates he said
"You are not permitted to enter."

I felt a shock through me as I was thrown back,
a million, billion or trillion miles,
falling through space screaaming at the top of my lungs
a little girl of only twelve years old
I was at that time.
For many years I was lost in the spirit realms
Hearing Gabriels words echo in my ears
I'd disobeyed my first command
Now I was lost
In a sea of blackness
The lowest realm of Astral
In Chaos on the border of Hell
Cerebrus barks in my ears and I scream
Flapping up above on Angel's Wings
But lost now down below
I must return to the realm I came from
but how I do not know

Whenever I would go into astral Id be afraid
for many years, the first years of astral
I worked my way back to realm 2, 3, 4...
Finally one night I was in a plain
Shooting stars falling around me
A battle of a gorgon was just complete
My spirit guide Uriel there beside me
Gabriel appears
And says my servant, "Where art thou and have thou been?"
He said to me, "Come, I will take you there, and an Angel you shall be,"
We flew to a field where angels were preparing for battle
legions as large as a sea
I fell into line behind Uriel
A spear and a shield past to me
"The armies of hell approach,"
Announced Gabriel boldly,
"Mount upon Angel Wings, and do your work swiftly."

The battle went on for hours,
I struck down many demons.
In the end the field lay strewn
With angel and fallen demons
"But why," I cried to Gabriel, "Must angels also fall,"
"It is for the good," he said, "Be strong, now, child."

He motioned for me to follow
And upon those gates we alight
St. Peter gives me a knowing look,
stern but turns to a grimace,
then a sly wink. "I remember you," he said.
"The brave human girl, now grown up.
And it is time for you to enter the kingdom.
For your time has come."
The gates swung open
In we flew
I saw the kingdom made of gold
Gleaming a million miles wide
A sea of glass upon the middle
Little sprights buzzing around
proffering drinks and tasty treats
The chosen in white robes flock the halls
Moses, Abraham, and Noah walked by.
"Heaven has come at a high price, but how worth it,"
I thought, flapping through the halls.

The feast of Heaven lasts a thousand years, when I returned to earth
It was as awaking from an afternoon nap.
I looked around and saw my two cats
napping there beside me.
A dreamcatcher hung above the bed.
Was I just dreaming again? I thought
Or was it as real as it seemed?

I know that I will go back there, again and again
Mounting upon Angel Wings
As I was chosen to do
The battles are many, the warriors are few
I call upon the willing to channel a spirit,
meditate, call upon an Angel
For warriors in battle are needed
Astral war is no fable

To be continued....