Sunday, December 7, 2008


The castle of ice and stone
Glimmered at dawns light
The clouds parted a ray shot through
Lighted on a tiny perch on a battlment
Far above the rolling hills
Of Istlan.

A little batlike gorgon
Perched upon the battlement there
Unfold his wings that cover his eyes
At the coming of the light
Outstretch his wings and flew to the Tower
Where the princess slept
And settle in a little nook
And he sees
The pearl of the greatest price
Pale neck of the princess
Sleeping so peaceful there

All the armies in Istlan cannot get to her
All the knights in there dreams
Go to that place and be there
But impossible to woo her she is so well protected
This little demon
By creeping the cracks of a wall
The kingdom at his disposal
His princess to him one and all

A cackle of glee, wets his lips
His little spiky teeth
Bares and grits
He flungs down upon the bed
Wings clumsy to the fall
The princess startles shreiks
The gorgon lunges at her pale flesh
Of her neck
Draws blood which he begins to sop up
Like a hungry newborn

The princess swat at him
And scream
A terror rising in her innocent breasts
The Knights appear
Respond to her crys
Arthur draws his sword
Gawan draws his also
But this tiny little gorgon
To small to chop in two
Is stuck upon the princess neck
Drinking of the royal cup
No one there can stop him
They might hit the princess if they try

“Part” says Gawan, gaudy knight
He drops his sword and lunges at the gorgon
And catch him in his hand
The gorgon wiggles loose
Flaps his wings up above them all
More guards pour in there all swatting
At the thin air
But the little gorgon find his crack
And wiggles through once more

Outside the tumult in the streets
The asalt on the royal throne
The commonors come out in droves
Clubs and sticks ready to go to war
But there asalliant is all but flown

He flaps his little black wings
And higher to the air he rises
An arrow whiz past
Looks down below
At the humans he despises
In the castle of Istlan in the princess tower
The King’s men scramble to save her
All this done by a little demon
Unpopular in hell and out of favor
Now of renown he shall becomes
For Satan works in little ways as well as big ones…

I will continue in Istlan 2...

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