Monday, December 29, 2008

Ebonnezzer Stone

The stone came from Germany
where it was used by physics
in the 2 World War
to channel spirits
in there war against the allys

It had been recovered, first, long before this
by archiologists lost in the pyramids
down a damp old shaft full of spiders
and the dust of a thousend years of solitude
thinking there end had come, taking out there canteen
to take a cyanide pill the water spilled
washing away a tiney crypt which shot blazing
knifes of light into there eyes
causing one to go blind,and die

The other, Spenser was his name,
use a hammer to brake open the crypt
and found the Ebonnezzer Stone
wrapped in a cloth
hot to the touch
when he try to lift it his skin boiled and caught fire
he put it out in sand
the rumblings grow louder
as the shaft brakes apart and all the bricks start to crash down on him
he thinks hes done for says a prayer before the darkness comes

He awaks thinking it a dream, for hes in a canal below the sphynx water
rushing over him
And there in his bag is the Ebonnezzer Stone, its case (the one he broken)
still in tact, he sees now for the first time the inscription of a demon
on its case "wow thats not egyptian" he remarks

When he gets back to his Jeep, no one is there he starts driving, shacking his head
at whats happened
in three days hes dead, the Ebonnezzer Stone disappeared
The Germans have it now, the war rages on

After the war it is brought to America by a antiques collector,
He thinks its German, he sells it to a little old lady wearing a purple hat
who is a spiritist, who channels spirits and knows what the stone is for her guide
told her. She puts it away, never touches it because she knows its power
"its not for now, its for the end times" she will never touch it, mention it to anyone,

As a little girl I used to visit my aunt's home, I knew of the Ebonnezzer Stone in her attic
even though she never mentioned it, it was so powerful I could feel its presence,
so one day when she was at the market I pretended to be sick so I could stay,
I went rummiging in her attic till I found it, it was in a box underneath a old dusty bookshelf.
Just as I begin to open it, rays of light shot through the room, leaving black burn marks on the walls where it hit
Just then a commotion down below, the door slams open I hear footsteps on the stairs,
My aunt screaming my name, she finds me a blood curdling scream as she falls on her knees,
"You dont touch that" she cries "You not suppose to find that" she says, then she takes me down stairs and begin to tell the story
When its finished Im scared, she says sorry but you had to know, when I die the Ebonnezzer Stone is yours, you are the chosen, you must never look upon it, never tell anyone about it

I have the Ebonnezzer Stone, I learned to use its powers in a sence, I never use the powers for evil only for good. The stone protects my home, once a burglar tried to come in but he immediatly turned to ash which I swept up the next day.

The Stone can be used to channel spirits, some of the most powerful spirits have come into my home. They can never believe I have the stone, they look upon me with scornful eyes
Some scoff or shoot a fireball out there nose in distaste
But they cannot harm me, for the stone protects me.
I have become the Stone's protector, it lets no one near it but me

The Stone comes from a wall of Pandamonium,
it has demonic powers but can be used for good,
if I told how it works I could be jeapordising the future of
mankind. So I wont, but I might tell of how its used in
channeling in the future

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