Friday, December 5, 2008

Angel Wings

In the dream I stood
in a plain far below Heaven
a million stars lit the cloudy firmament
where I stood
And gazed upon that Kingdom
cast of gold, emeralds, and diamonds
The traffick of Angels
in and out the big gleaming gates
was a blur to the eye
Open, Shut, Open, Shut---in and out the angels flew
A red-coat emmisary of hell
still coverd in soot and smokey smell
Was stopped at the gates
Given a slap around by St. Peter's Legion
And then shoed away
In motion so fast it was like a fast-fowad on a t.v.
All day this went on
Many entered some turned away
Then I stopped to think
That if I could only fly
Id alite apon the gates of Heaven
hope to get in
just for a try.

I walked around the plain
Search of a vendor of wings
for I had none
but the stumpy arms
of the human who cannot fly
Only tread
like a fool below the palace of God
Then I turned
In a horrer or surprise
There stood Gabriel
A twinkle in his eye
A face so bright
armor gleaming gold
He held within his hands
Wings of a bright and livly color
Wings of white, glowing ivory
Fluffy pillow feathers all strung together
As if made by a master tailor

"Ask, and you shall receive,"
Said the Angel gleaming bright
His eyes spoke to me in ways
mortal words can never get right
"These Wings I give you,"
"Angel, for you today have become
one of us. Your services are needed
where mortals have gone astray.
The earth once God's pearl
has fallen astray.
You must be an emisarry
to the King.
Go now, you are empowerd to fly
to places unkown to men
To the seven realms of astral,
The many more you shall discover
To do battle with demons,
To speak with Angels
To deliver messages from Heaven
Go now, you have work to do,
Before you will be permitted into Heaven."

I smiled up into his eyes,
He looked upon me as a gentile sheaperd,
I bowed low he put the wings on
I flew up to Heaven,
I wanted to see it
Despite what Gabriel had said
St. Peter held out his hand and looked at me sternly
At the gates he said
"You are not permitted to enter."

I felt a shock through me as I was thrown back,
a million, billion or trillion miles,
falling through space screaaming at the top of my lungs
a little girl of only twelve years old
I was at that time.
For many years I was lost in the spirit realms
Hearing Gabriels words echo in my ears
I'd disobeyed my first command
Now I was lost
In a sea of blackness
The lowest realm of Astral
In Chaos on the border of Hell
Cerebrus barks in my ears and I scream
Flapping up above on Angel's Wings
But lost now down below
I must return to the realm I came from
but how I do not know

Whenever I would go into astral Id be afraid
for many years, the first years of astral
I worked my way back to realm 2, 3, 4...
Finally one night I was in a plain
Shooting stars falling around me
A battle of a gorgon was just complete
My spirit guide Uriel there beside me
Gabriel appears
And says my servant, "Where art thou and have thou been?"
He said to me, "Come, I will take you there, and an Angel you shall be,"
We flew to a field where angels were preparing for battle
legions as large as a sea
I fell into line behind Uriel
A spear and a shield past to me
"The armies of hell approach,"
Announced Gabriel boldly,
"Mount upon Angel Wings, and do your work swiftly."

The battle went on for hours,
I struck down many demons.
In the end the field lay strewn
With angel and fallen demons
"But why," I cried to Gabriel, "Must angels also fall,"
"It is for the good," he said, "Be strong, now, child."

He motioned for me to follow
And upon those gates we alight
St. Peter gives me a knowing look,
stern but turns to a grimace,
then a sly wink. "I remember you," he said.
"The brave human girl, now grown up.
And it is time for you to enter the kingdom.
For your time has come."
The gates swung open
In we flew
I saw the kingdom made of gold
Gleaming a million miles wide
A sea of glass upon the middle
Little sprights buzzing around
proffering drinks and tasty treats
The chosen in white robes flock the halls
Moses, Abraham, and Noah walked by.
"Heaven has come at a high price, but how worth it,"
I thought, flapping through the halls.

The feast of Heaven lasts a thousand years, when I returned to earth
It was as awaking from an afternoon nap.
I looked around and saw my two cats
napping there beside me.
A dreamcatcher hung above the bed.
Was I just dreaming again? I thought
Or was it as real as it seemed?

I know that I will go back there, again and again
Mounting upon Angel Wings
As I was chosen to do
The battles are many, the warriors are few
I call upon the willing to channel a spirit,
meditate, call upon an Angel
For warriors in battle are needed
Astral war is no fable

To be continued....

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