Wednesday, December 17, 2008


The woman shows up at the pastor’s
Office at noon
She knock he answer “hello, how do you do”
She ask can I please be let in
“Ok, ma’am please come in”

“I have troubles I am worried”
She starts, dabbing her eye with a hankerchif
“I have demonic troubles”
The pastor look at her with a concern face
He fold his hands lean forward on the desk
“What can I do for you, ma’am how can I help?”

She tells him a story which sends shock up and down his body
There are spirits in her home, at night they slam doors in her home
And through the refrigerater across the kitchen
She saw a demon take her beloved Bible
Given by her grandma
And through it in the waste basket

She is a nurse, she goes to help people in the day
Lately she saw her patients be torment
By the same spirit
She convinced it is a demon
After her patient 83 yrs old dies
After complaining of seeing a spriit
In a convolescant home

She tells pastor how sad she is
Crying night and day she worries of this spirit
It speak to her by her bedside
Saying she will be dead
As soon as spirit has chance to take her

Pastor concerned with his eyebrow sunk low
He fold his hand and look at her seriously
“take me to your home I am concerned there is a spirit”
He says, taking her hand in his
They plan a time when he can go to her home

The day arrives she hear a knock on her door
She opens it “Oh Pastor its you”
Pastor comes in he bows he take a Bible out of his coat
“We begin with a prayer”
He prays asks god help them find the spirit,
So they can exorsise the spirit
She lead him around her home pastor frowning picking up books
Trinkets everything she has he look at it with a frown
They go in her bedroom he stops startld he looks “what is this”
There by the bedside a arrowhead like from an Indian he looks at it
“it’s a artifact a patient gave to me” she says
“A Indian artifact it was a arrowhead use in a special ritual”
The pastors face tigthen he look at her with firey eyes
“Who gave you this artifact” he say with firey eyes
“It was a woman a Indian woman she gave it to me as a gift”
He pick it up he feel fire burning his fingers
“This is the artifact thats causing you demonic possesion” he says

The woman shreaks
She has held it in her hands to go to sleep
Thinking it give her special powers
“Your kidding” she says
Its all my fault
It’s the artifact causing me all this

The pastor takes the artifact in his hands
He prays over it, for a long while he hold it and pray
“Do you dream of this” he says
“yes” she answer
The pastor goes back to pray
Then all of sudden
He starts to scawl “YAAAAAAGHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!”
And turn around and round in circles
The woman start to be afraid

Finally the pastor stops
He look at the woman firmly
“You shouldn’t have allowed this artifact in your home”
Then he turns, walks to the door
The woman follows
“Woman” he says “I go to rid of this you should be grateful”

As he approaches the door she sees Satan come off his body
“You got away this time, but I will still get you”
He says, turning to a plume of fire
“Oh my god” she gasp, the preacher turns says “What?”
“You didn’t see, a demon came” she says

“Please take it away” she says
I see it in my dreams
A field open up with armies upon it
Pastor gulps, he is scared “This is a calling card for demons” he says
“I will go to burn this,brake it bury it” he says
“OK please go” says the woman
She watch the pastor go to his truck
He take a hammer out of it, smash the artifact to peaces
Then he go and drive away, the woman knows not where
But she is sure he will do away with it

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