Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Mark

All her life she was aware of the
Monstrosity. It crept in her shadows
And hid under her bed at nite
She could hear it tapping on her headboard
Scratching in the walls
Feel its icy disaproval
Whenever she put a Christian music cd in her stereo

Whenever something bad happened
If she was walking home from school and happen to see an
Accident. She became aware of this Monstrosity
Awaking in her book bag, becoming warm and alive
Against her body, she could never remove it
Everywhere she went this Monstrosity
Went also. As she grew older, started to go to Catholic School
This Monstrosity began to hide deeper in her,
In hopes that the Nuns wouldn’t find out about it,
And do an exorcism

When she walked into cathedral
Light bulbs burst out above her
Fire erupt in a fointan of holy waters
The Nuns scold her, trouble always follow her
They say. But afraid she was to mention the
Monstrosity. In fear of what they do to her
They could scald her for being a witch
Even though she didn’t at the time know
She was one.

Time goes on she has trouble in school,
Has to be removed from school. The building
Has burned down because she kept going there
All the electrical wires burned out when she passed
The walls full of wires
So they shorted out finally and it burned down
But still no one knew of this
Monstrosity. Except for her

She became goth in high school, wore black cloths listened
To goth music and read book of spells and carry a widji board.
Everyone in the school knew she was a witch, she had a tato on her
Arm that said Im a Witch. She had no more troubles because she
Was now become the Monstrosity itself. She dated a goth
Who drove a herse and they would go make outt
Finally she got pregnant
And nine months pregnant goes to the doctor
She goes to deliver “we’ll do a c-section” the doctor advised
It took them longer then usual to cut her open
When the baby finally came the doctor screamed
She took it she screamed also
It had a mark on its forehead
And its eyes were like a demon
She felt down on her sides all over her body even her hair
For the first time the
Monstrosity was gone.

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